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Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling LLC, is a firm that specializes in highly creative, comprehensive approaches to your general contractor and home remodeling needs! When it's complete home remodeling, condo remodeling or a commercial contractor remodeling project requiring the creative services of a local, licensed general contractor, contact Lawrence Kenney Jr, owner of Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling. He is well known as an expert general contractor Fort Lauderdale clients can trust.  Primarily because of Lawrence Kenney's insistence upon delivering only finished professional home remodeling and commercial contractor work, which exceeds your expectations!


Florida General ContractingAccent Carpentry Design Remodeling begins each new home remodeling project with an in-depth client Free Consultation, where communication plays a very important part in determining your desired home remodeling outcome. Lawrence takes a fresh creative approach to each new home remodeling assignment, incorporating his client's preferences and ideas….translating their desires into home improvements and better design, in key areas of general contractor projects.

The unique use of creativity in home remodeling projects, at Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling makes strong reference to elements and trends, incorporating interior design techniques.  Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling gives special consideration to the selection of textures, colors and the overall "feel of the room" in the home remodeling process.Lawrence's communication and involvement with the client, may include shopping together for the selection of materials and products, imparting an inclusive approach to creative input utilized in achieving their interior design goals.

An approach to home remodeling that focuses on  identifying the client's key areas of concern, enables Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling to provide you with the services of a top, professional bathroom contractor, kitchen contractor, deck contractor, window contractor, roofing contractor, and all other specialized home remodeling contractors…. to guarantee the professional results that Larry's clients demand!


Help! The licensed general contractor walked out without completing the home remodeling project that we contracted! Now we've discovered that our Building Permits are not correct, for the work that still has to be done, to complete our home remodeling job! What do we do now??!!


Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, specializes in correcting and repairing the mess that other unprofessional general contractors may have left, either thru a scam,  or negligence. Correcting for other general contractor ineptitude, such as the common, "failure to secure the correct building department permits" for each service to be performed," is one common problem that owner Lawrence Kenney, and his team will  correct.

When you discover that a contractor cannot complete your job according to the standards for home remodeling work, as stipulated by the local Building Permit authorities and Building Code Compliance, you may want to contact a new licensed Ft Lauderdale general contractor, to correct pressing home remodeling details that have been neglected or incorrectly instituted.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling will handle all phases necessary, to correct your home remodeling project, if it has gone awry, due to the shoddy workmanship of the team of home remodeling contractors that you initially hired. If a roofing contractor, kitchen contractor, bathroom contractor, garage contractor, window contractor or deck contractor have fallen short in realizing your renovation designs, contact Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling for a Free Quote from Larry Kenney, to straighten out your mess, now!

Larry Kenney will assess what is required to complete your home remodeling or commercial contractor project successfully…according to spec…in the shortest possible time. ….with the help of tested bathroom contractors, carpenters, kitchen contractors, garage contractors, window contractors, roofers or deck contractors. guaranteeing, the successful completion of your home remodeling or commercial contractor assignment....even when others have failed.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling will assess your project, giving a Free Quote, and analysis of what it will take to straighten out your abandoned project, where contractors have been paid, but have left, with your money…and without completing your job.