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Kitchen Remodeling

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling has helped numerous Fort Lauderdale remodeling service clients for years, with their innovative, professional approach to meeting your home remodeling needs. As a kitchen contractor, Larry Kenny prides himself on offering the top grade talent required to implement your specific design requirements, to transform your kitchen remodeling dream into reality!   Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling will translate your space virtually, using digitally created pre-rendering…computerized drawings by their interior design specialist, which allows you to see your concepts in virtual reality, as they will appear in your newly remodeled kitchen..



We decided to hire a kitchen contractor to do a complete kitchen remodeling of our dated kitchen. After selecting the appliances, and cabinetry, the kitchen contractor had everything installed. However, he left the job before the Building Code Compliance checked his work…which they red-flagged, because although he did pull some building permits, he did not pull all that were needed to do our kitchen remodeling job! Do we have to start all over again?? This will cost a fortune!

Kitchen RemodelingSOLUTION:

This is a very unfortunate situation or maybe I should call it an outright scam…as it is not the first time that we, at  Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling  have learned of clients being abandoned after Building Code Compliance has red-flagged their home remodeling project, due to noncompliance to standards and practices, that are required for your ultimate safety!

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling is well known for correcting the negligence and ineptitude of former kitchen contractors, in order to complete your project according to Building Code Compliance spec. This correction needn't break the bank… fact, Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling has been called in to repair the disaster left behind by unscrupulous kitchen remodeling scam artists, who prey upon the unknowing Fort Lauderdale home remodeling client, who has entrusted his home remodeling to his service.

Generally, for example, when a kitchen remodeling job is abandoned, it may be that on the surface, all looks good. New appliances are installed, and everything seems to work. It's only when your local Building Code Enforcement inspectors reveal that the electrical and plumbing contractors were not certified nor licensed, and that their service on your kitchen remodeling project is being red-flagged, that you become aware. For that correction, you'll surely want a professional Ft Lauderdale kitchen contractor, to take responsibility for the work supplied by all subcontractors working on your kitchen remodeling.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling has the expertise as licensed general contractors, to oversee all details of your kitchen remodeling project, with scrutiny, guaranteeing that your project will pass your local South Florida Building Code enforcement inspections.

There is no greater peace of mind, when embarking upon kitchen remodeling projects requiring the services of a variety of subcontractors, than to have a Ft Lauderdale licensed general contractor managing all phases of your job.

Custom Kitchen CabinetryPROBLEM:

We own a small café near the beach in Fort Lauderdale that we want to expand. with a kitchen remodeling project, so that it can provide for double the service that we are equipped to provide now.  Also, the outside eating area needs an expansion for outdoor dining, such as a deck. Have any ideas how we might bring this about?


Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling is a comprehensive home remodeling firm that provides licensed commercial contractor services for all types of establishments, including restaurants and cafes. With your intended kitchen remodeling project, you'll want to have the security of a commercial contractor to oversee your large scale kitchen remodeling work. The commercial contractor guarantees that your commercial kitchen remodeling plans are executed so as to insure the safety and comfort of your patrons.

This means that you can rest assured that your local Commercial Code Enforcement Inspectors will approve your final kitchen remodeling project, as Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling guarantees their work, and stays with you until your Building Permits are approved for any portion of the kitchen or commercial remodeling work that you retain their services to complete.

In this case, the kitchen remodeling project includes outside expansion with the addition of a deck to accommodate more seated patrons.  Plumbing and electrical contractors along with a window contractor, deck contractor, a licensed carpenter and a kitchen remodeling contractor's services will all be required to complete your commercial kitchen remodeling job.

Under the watchful eye of Larry Kenney and the Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling crew, your kitchen remodeling project will be handled according to code, efficiently and professionally meeting your demands and expectations in all aspects of the fulfillment of the required work. We guarantee that your kitchen remodeling work will be performed at the highest level of satisfaction, meeting time, scheduling and costs projections.