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Fort Lauderdale Licensed Carpenter

As a licensed carpenter, Lawrence Kenney prides himself on enlisting the help of the Fort Lauderdale area's most creative design and remodeling subcontractors. This enables him to guarantee the results and Building Code Compliance approval, on every home remodeling assignment handled by Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling.With owner Lawrence Kenney, licensed general contractor overseeing your Ft Lauderdale licensed carpenter related renovations, you can be certain that your remodeling project will be finished on time, on budget and according to spec!


Licensed Florida CarpenterWhen looking for the services of a Fort Lauderdale licensed carpenter to undertake a home remodeling project requiring any aspect of carpentry, the licensed general contractor Lawrence Kenney, owner, Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling offers advice to first time home remodeling clients.

  • It's important to vet the Ft Lauderdale licensed carpenter that you intend to employ for your carpentry home remodeling job.  This means that you must verify all aspects of his work, as it pertains to the home remodeling carpenter services that he intends to offer to you.
  • Check his Florida State carpenter's license. Make sure that it is in his name, and that it is current and non-expired.
  • Check for proof that the Fort Lauderdale licensed carpenter is insured and bonded. This will go along way in protecting your investment while he performs the licensed carpentry services.
  • Ask for local residential references. People that you can actually speak to or see the completed project that he has provided for their home remodeling
  • Ask to see pictures of his recent before and after work.
  • Finally, you may want to enlist an internet referral service to check the licensed carpenter's online feedback reports on his work, such as
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau, can go along way in providing information that can ultimately save you time and money for your home remodeling licensed carpenter work.
  • Call Lawrence Kenney, Owner, Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling for a Free Consultation and Free Quote on any home remodeling project including those requiring the expertise of a licensed carpenter.


We're about to undertake several home remodeling projects, and are confused about which work will require a Fort Lauderdale licensed carpenter as opposed to an architect or interior designer?


You're wise to consider this question of who will perform what aspect of your home remodeling projects, before you enlist the professional services of any particular subcontractor.  This is because you really require the oversight of a Ft Lauderdale licensed general contractor when undertaking a large home remodeling job, requiring many different services for total completion.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling provides all aspects of the services offered by the licensed general contractor for Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding vicinity. This includes offering licensed carpenter services for house and condo remodeling. In addition, the company provides commercial contractor services throughout the greater Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area.