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Roofing Contractor and Repairs

An aging roof can spell disaster for a home owner!  Why? New insurance regulations require that any roof with more than 25% of the area damaged, must be replaced in its' entirety to qualify for homeowners insurance coverage.  With the average new roof in South Florida costing over $40,000, it pays to shop around when enlisting the services of a roofing contractor.  Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling is a Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor who offers an extensive selection of designs, styles and materials for the residential and commercial roofing contractor projects, with clients in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities including Deerfield Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Pompano Beach and Boca Raton.


Florida Roofing Contractor and Roof RepairsLawrence Kenney, Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling owner, is a licensed general contractor, who has provided top quality roofing contractor work to residents and entrepreneurs alike, in the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan community.  Consult with Accent Carpentry Home Remodeling when considering having a roof redesigned to accommodate a new addition or expansion to your existing structure.

During your initial Free Consultation, Lawrence Kenney will show you samples of various roofing materials, including shingles, flat roofs, barrel tiles and metal roofing.  He'll discus the advantages of each of the different roofing materials to use for your home roofing contractor project.

Additionally, Larry will discuss custom accents that you may want to incorporate into your new roof.  This can include design elements including roofs to accommodate a cathedral ceiling, requiring a complete roof  redesign.  If you're home remodeling plans call for an expansion of the living floor space, then the need for additional roofing work comes into play.  Along these lines, you may considerations including whether to add skylights or to partially cover outdoor open space with roofing in selected areas.

All of these considerations will be discussed and reviewed by the Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling team.  In fact, a trained interior designer will accompany Lawrence Kenney when he comes to evaluate your proposed home remodeling project.  He'll first provide you with pre renderings of the desired roofing contractor work, enabling you to have a virtual look at your property, after it has been enhanced with the roofing designs that you suggest.

For a Free Consultation and Quote today, call Lawrence Kenney at Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling and ask him to evaluate your roofing contractor plans. Please email or call 754-273-3700 now.


We have to replace our old roof and want to hire a Ft Lauderdale roofing contractor that can provide the latest hurricane resistant roofing available. Where should we look to have this job done?


Working only with thoroughly vetted Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors, Larry Kenney, owner, Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, has the added advantage of long term, established professional relationships, with the roofing contractors who supply this service to his clients.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling will certify that their Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor work will pass Building Code Enforcement and the South Florida Insurance Industries', rigorous roofing contractor stipulations and issues.

Countless claims for new roofs have forced the insurance industry to clamp down with the consent of Building Code Enforcement, to make certain that all new Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor work meets the stringent safety standards related to roof construction. This is to avoid catastrophe from hurricane winds. With high insurance claims, brokers are now insisting that Ft Lauderdale roofing contractors provide extra attention in the construction of new roofs. This is why Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling offers roofing contractor services that protect the home owners, relying upon excellent service when enlisting their roofing contractor pros.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling functions as a licensed general contractor in projects requiring the refurbishing of the exterior of your home, including new roof installations, and other forms of roof remodeling, performed according to the exacting standards of Building Code Compliance rules for each municipality.